Friday, 18 December 2015

time helps to grow

how about rewinding ur life a year ago?

Iet us think of all the good things and the bad things that have helped us to gather up what we normally call memories.

Aint you proud of these memories? didn't them help to actually realize what are the real things that matter to you?

We say the best things happen unexpectedly. Not to forget before these best things we all go through the hell time of our life. Job loss, death of a dear one, deception in love etc etc...

At these worst time of our life, we just want someone to lean on, to help us Carry on. These beings are what we call our angels sent from above. most of the time it will be our bff our super gf,super bf or the least expected a friend whom we had not a bit of expectations to be there for us

Through out this year we came across people who left an impact on us, we've been to places that have marked us with the best or the worst memories.

What's more important whether you've been hurt or used, shocked or delighted, blessed or cursed, you have grown up into a better or bitter person!

This world of ours is actually a platform where we are all performing a particular role. There will be characters who will upgrade you to a better level while others will be too busy to bring you too. but they will all take you to places where you will be facing certain situations which will definitely help you to grow. To change your point of view. To actually find out who will be there for you or how are those who will pretend to be there.

Summing up, this year just like the year before has brought us to grow a little bit older and better. Maybe it was a year filled with bad memories or a year filled with good times, it made you be a wiser person that you were the year before.


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